Communication Error


If want to use the Flightaware App on my Android Phone, I always get “Communication Error”, if I try to log in.
Why? Android Version 4.2.2. App is 5.3. Last possible log in was at the begin of December…
I delete and reinstalled the app but i didn´t help.


There are a few things that could cause this, internet connectivity or some other error you are getting that is showing as communication error. I would, however, suggest upgrading your Android software as the latest version is 8, with 5-7 also being supported.

I would like to know why it stopped to work because I didn’t change anything! The app was working well till the end of november. Even during holidays in Mexico! With mobile data as well as on WLAN.
What can I do to make it run again?

Are you able to use the app without logging in?

Negative. The app is running but I don´t get any data…
“No flights are found” and so on…

We have not made any updates to the app in a while. Nothing should have caused the app to stop working. You may try updating to a more recent android version to see if that solves the issue you are having.