College World Series Charters


Texas: … /KAUS/KOMA


Cal State Fullerton: … /KONT/KOMA

Virginia: … /KCHO/KOMA


Southern Miss: … /KPIB/KOMA


Is this correct? Both teams on one flight?


Nope, that was wrong. I have fixed it now.
Thanks. :smiley:


I still can’t find anything on Arkansas or Arizona State. Anybody know anything???




ExpressJet flew the Arkansas Razorbacks to Omaha. Oddly enough, I can’t find the flight track either, but I was at KFYV when they left.


Interesting. Must’ve been blocked for some reason (???)

Tarheels back home:


You must’ve seen something else. Arkansas bused here. I think ASU flew Southwest.


you’re totally right i had a slow moment there… arkansas flew expressjet to the super regionals in flordia


Texas … /KOMA/KAUS

LSU - National Champs :smiley: … /KOMA/KBTR


Yep the Champs are coming home. Should be here in about 50 minutes. It has been really busy today on field with traffic from Epply. I’ll get a pic of the flight they come in on. They left on this one:

~Holton :smiley:


Illinois One I think is their best looking special paint plane.

I was driving by MSY the other day and think I saw Airzona One taking off.

Did you see the arrival?


Yep sure did. Sorry for not posting earlier been flying. Here are the pics I got of the arrival aircraft. Not as fun looking as the other.

Just Landed

Getting a Water Salute from the fire trucks. :smiley:

**End of the Wash :laughing: **


Eh, that was an old -300… It probably needed a wash anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did the fuel truck give them a salute too? :open_mouth:


No unfortunately not. :laughing:


Nice pics, thanks.


That was a retiring Captain- that is how they give them the old heave ho on their last flight.


Considering the fact that LSU had just won the national championship and this was their return trip home, and the fact that BTR is not a pilot base for WN, I would say that the water cannon salute in this case had nothing to do with a retiring captain but was done strictly as a salute to LSU.


Or foam (old school- the movie- reference)
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