Collection of EAA SPORT AVIATION Magazine

I did not know where else to post this.
I have an almost complete collection of EAA Sport aviation Mags from 1969 to present that I am going to get rid of.
If someone wants to pay shipping they are otherwise FREE.
Seems after collecting them for so long a shame to dump them.
Any Takers?

I might be interested in them for our museum library. Where would they be shipped from?

I’m in 08055.

I live in Ky. the Zip is 41268
I estimate about 100 lbs.

Two 50-lb packages would be a total of $48.00 through USPS Media Mail (links to per-package-price), UPS ground might be a little more or less depending on how the packages get into their hands. Going to a retail location like “Mailboxes Etc.” would be more expensive. If your company has regularly scheduled pickups, it’d be a little less. UPS’s rates are quite convoluded…