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Coax Collinear Antenna - performance drop off

I have been successfully using a co-axial collinear antenna mounted at about 5M using 20mm PVC conduit as a mounting pole. I wanted to improve stability and threaded the PVC conduit inside a 25mm galvanised conduit, with the antenna part (1m) extending out at the top, but it seems like performance dropped off substantially. Could it be the steel conduit is impacting the performance. Anybody got any thoughts/ideas on this?

I guess it could be. What specification of cable are you using and how long is it? Are you using any Filters at all?

I believe I have solved the problem which was likely a faulty connection because the mast is now up and running well. I am using the Flightaware Pro Stick Plus which has a built-in filter.


Forgot to say - using RG6 cable with a run of around 8m

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Glad to know your problem is solved.

Just to help others who want to make a Coaxial Collinear antenna, can you please post construction details of you Coaxial Collinear antenna in following thread? Thanks.

Coco (Coaxial Collinear) Antenna - Tips & Tricks


Okay, I’ve done that - thank you for your advice

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