COA IAH-AKL 11/16/2011

This was announced today!

Here is the

I’ve already booked my tickets. :wink:

Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) today announced another major step in development of its Houston hub with plans to begin nonstop Boeing 787 flights to Auckland, New Zealand on Nov. 16, 2011 (subject to government approval).

Perhaps “subject to aircraft delivery” should have also been added! :slight_smile:

My thoughts exacty (+1) sorry I had to

Just to add in some speculation here…

Any thoughts on when the merger will be complete? It took a little under a year for the NWA/DAL merger to complete, and a little over a year if you include the last flight under NWA’s ticket.

So if a similar timeframe applies here, wouldn’t this be another UAL flight, and while it is a first for KIAH-NZAA, doesn’t UAL still have a KLAX-NZAA run? my old flight (old, meaning they terminated that flight number) UAL flight to Melbourne went KORD-KLAX-NZAA-YMML.


One thing that needs to be remembered about the merger is how you define the merger completed. Is it when COA and UAL are fully merged but still operating under separate certificates or is the merger complete when the FAA allows the airline to operate under one certificate?


LAX-NZAA is currently flown by Air New Zealand 2x daily and Qantas 1x daily so there’s a ton of seats in that market. A flight from anywhere else is probably a good idea.

If it was current-state United adding the route it would probably be from SFO, but IAH is a bigger hub and SFO is only 900 miles closer.

I dunno… When I flew UAL to Melbourne, UAL841 had the route of KORD-KLAX-NZAA-YMML on a B744. I could see them reinstating that route, as it would fill seats for those wanting to go to New Zealand, plus gives them another route to Melbourne. currently any UAL flights to YMML require a trip to SFO to pick up the main leg to YSSY, remain on the flight, and enter the country at YMML. repeat the same route on the way back.

Granted, it is just about equal distance between LAX and SFO (and SFO being a UAL hub) and IAH, so it could be a tossup. Would they want to leave ANZ as the only Star Alliance partner on that route?