CLT-HNL nonstop on Usairways

Starting Dec. 17 US will offer and nonstop daily seasonal flight from CLT to HNL using aircraft off Phl-Europe routes being cut back to seasonal from Year round. Aircraft will be 762. No links but flight is bookable on US website.

It’s just shocking that they would waste a 762 on this low yield route. I can’t see this making money.

It was mentioned that it is a seasonal route starting in December…
I think kicking it off with holiday travel, and the continuing on for a few months into winter to around spring break time, it would make some money.
Also, with CLT being a hub, they could likely fill it with connecting traffic as well.
I’d rather see the aircraft flying and being used than sitting around.

US Airways is planning ahead and expecting ECU to choke and wind up in the Hawaii Bowl as the CUSA #3 team.

Just a theory… :smiley:

East Coast-Hawaii yields are decent.

As said, it’s better than having the aircraft sit and they’re running out of places in the caribbean to send their widebodies during the winter.

Here is the press release surprising it is year round not seasonal. … l?x=0&.v=1

If they want to make it year-round then one of the transatlantic routes they’ve cut for the winter will probably have to be permanent.

no actually they are receiving enouugh a332’s in time to take over some of the old 762 routes and keeping the 762’s free.