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Click SkyView list to highlight the aircraft? Max range when lost?


It would be handy if one could click on the flight of interest in the list at the right of SkyView, and have the info box pop up in the map on that flight, the way it does when you click on that aircraft.

It would also be handy if a particular track and aircraft listing would stay for a minute in different color indicating “lost”, so I could tell what the max range was in different directions.


Here’s another reason I’d like to change SkyView:
I heard the Sheriff’s helicopter overhead.
I brought up SkyView, and, sure enough, there was N108SC, passing almost overhead.
I could see the track, wandering around and then it just disappeared. It might have landed on the roof of a shopping center, but I’m not sure.
I’m not allowed to review or replay this flight, because it is blocked by the county.

I would like for SkyView to not lose the view as soon as an aircraft runs out of range. if I have clicked on it, and have the info page on the right open, it should stay.