CJ1+ and autothrottle


Question for any CJ1+ pilots.

I know the Cessna CJ1+ utilizes the FADEC system to control the engines. Does the aircraft also have a separate autothrottle? Thanks for any information.


this might help

smartcockpit.com/plane/cessn … ET-SERIES/


Haven’t flown a CJ1+ but CJ3 is without auto-throttles.


No autothrottles on the CJ1+.


Anyway you look at it- it’s still a cessna. :smiley:


Umm… Why??

I’ve only flown the CJ-3 and with the systems it has I’m sure that Auto throttles could be added as an STC (SafeFlight or Precise Flight?? I think the guys) if there was enough call for one.

But really?? Why? the aircraft are so easy to fly and manage that being on speed is never a problem & about the only speed I’m ever assigned in any Citation is “best forward speed” and “can you pick it up any?”


I don’t know about the new generation of Citations but do you know why the rudder on the 500 series has a flat plate on the trailing edge as opposed to a knife edge?

The SPCA asked for the flat plate so when birds run into the back of a Citation they will only be dazed and not killed.


Rumor has it the Navy wanted to buy some- But they couldn’t catch up to the aircraft carrier to land :open_mouth: