CJ1 2000ft runway


flightaware.com/live/flight/N551 … /CYYJ/CAL5

Can this be for real ?
Alexis Lake Alexis Lake CAL5 Civ. No Unpaved No 2000 ft :open_mouth:


Yes, it is real. This is the owners Ranch and the private strip is about 3,500’ long, semi paved. They operate in and out of there all summer long. I know the 2 pilots that fly the aircraft. Not a bad place really. They departed BFI yesterday afternoon with owner and family. and full load of groceries… Then they are off to Alaska on Tuesday for some fishing…


3,500 sounds a lot better, I guess this airport list needs updating.

I found a real estate listing of the ranch with a photo of the runway. Anyone got $23.5m to spare ?