City information aboud radar


I send you my data from ADS-B receiver.
I have a question. Why do other ADS-B receivers show information itself, for example:
FlightAware ADS-B (UUWV / MOW)

And my receiver is shown as:
FlightAware ADS-B

How can I add information city?
Code of the nearest small airport departures only(!) sport aircraft (no passenger service): URME
Code nearest international passenger/cargo airport: URMM

Thank you.


I tracked a flight that had your ADS-B data and saw; FlightAware ADS-B (URMM / MRV)

Maybe it’s a bug related to viewing your own flights? Can you link to a tracklog that has this problem?


Have you logged in to your pages or are you viewing as a guest?


Now I see it too. Now everything is fine!
Thank you.