Citation X off the runway at JFK



Nice scoop Az. Glad nobody was hurt and that reporter didn’t know what he was talking about. Did you give robbreid the day off?


:laughing: Do they ever? :unamused: At least people can come here for accurate information from those who actually know aviation… :open_mouth:

Maybe Mrs. robbreid was the priority this evening… :wink:


robbreid was sleeping!!! … 91676.html Citation X video

Speaking of Citations, I posted Flightaware’s Member ‘absoluterook’ who owns Mustang N1693L, is currently attempting round the world record for the Make A Wish Foundation of New Jersey.

You can track the flight below,



I can’t believe that guy wasn’t embarrassed! They have know clue how dumb they sound.


I was certainly just teasing robbreid… You are the best at resourceful, timely, currrent events posting around here.


Just think if he knew it was the fastest civilian jet? The guy would have blown out his voice box faster then that plane blew parts of it’s gear!


NTSB Prelim