Cirrus Access

Anyone out there in cyberspace know anything more about Cirrus Access?

I do know it is a program where new owners of Cirrus Access have the services of a pilot (CFI) to serve as the new non pilot owner’s CFI, Corporate Pilot, and aircraft flight department manager in one.

This one individual does it all. Trains the new owner for certification while serving as the new owner’s personal corporate pilot. Also, this same individual manages the aircraft. Kinda “turn key” for the new owner. This way, the new owner has the use and benefit of the new aircraft right away.

Anyone know any more?


If only they had a search engine called Google in Cyberspace then all of the world’s questions would be answered.

Download the brochure
Other than that, I have no other information. What exactly do you want to know?

Read the aviation magazines.

Well, I appologize for using the “forum” on an aviation web site to try and get a little extra information on the Cirrus Access program…sorry about that…

The objective of my original post was to use the “forum” to see if anyone knew anything more about the program than what one could find from Google on the internet…like if anyone knew a pilot or operator who was involved in the Cirrus Access program and if they liked it or enjoyed being a personal CFI to a new Cirrus owner…

Sorry if you feel insulted. It’s just that I, along with a few others, think it’s a great idea for people to do searches for general information and ask specific questions here.

When I first read your posting, it sounded like you were looking for general information. Upon re-reading it, it sounds like you were asking for personal experience with the program.

If you clicked on my link to Google, you would have found out that it was a specific search.

Also check out pilotcast on iTunes or their website

Pilotcast did an interview with Cirrus CEO Alan Klapmeier at Oshkosh '06. He discussed this topic.

Those are good questions to ask in the first place. I answered your “does anyone know more?” question, but I didn’t know what else you wanted.

No problem…

Thanks for the responses. I will check out the ipodcast of the Cirrus CEO and other ideas. Again, just wondering if anyone had any inside scoop.


The new FLYING magazine arrived this week and features a cover story on the Cirrus Turbo. That’s hot!

Also a review of the GA fractional programs. Me likes!

In case you didn’t get this on your google search, try this website:

They have an interview with Klapmeier and go pretty deep into the program. Also, discuss it from CFI point of view.

From my experience, I can tell you that this program is mostly for people who are not much concerned about cost. It’s about saving time and getting first class service.


thank you…listening to it now…