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Chinese authorities initiated crackdown on foreign ADS-B receivers

To the topic. There are no details of what the specific crime of this person is.
The video shows (0:36) that the SDRSharp program is running at 122.500(?) frequency on the computer.

A local resident was detained in Simferopol (Crimea), who was collecting information about the flights of Russian military aviation for the Ukrainian special services. The man used special equipment to obtain the necessary information.


Probably was also feeding ADSBExchange :wink:
And oh, noo… he had a binocular. And toy planes!!!

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It’s the nav charts that did it - To the untrained eye, it looks like he was plotting aircraft tracks on them.

I see no indication that he was doing anything other than monitoring VHF.
The voiced accusation “collecting information about the flights of Russian military aviation” implies that he was not interested in ADS-B. Ex-USSR aviation uses UVD - GitHub - IC7K/dump740-1: UVD decoder for RTLSDR devices


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Those are standard navigation charts with TRA (Temporary Restricted Aera’s) and Flight routes.
Being a pilot myself I have those at home as well for the aera I fly in.
The arrival chart is straight out of a Jeppesen collection.

I’d better hide them :astonished: seems lik a publicity stunt or is it illegal to monitor air traffic in Russia/Ukraine ?

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Oh, the naivete of people raised in freedom…
Crimea is an occupied territory. Normal stuff for us means treason for some of them.
That poor guy is Ukrainian (in his mind) so he probably feels some kid of “allegiance” to a made-up country. Brainwashed with “patriotism”…

In my time I could be charged for lots of things that people take for granted. Like listening certain short-wave radio stations. Telling a joke about the communist party or about lack of goods in the shelves (that jokes were a favorite past-time, filled with danger and joy).
In the military service (mandatory) I was given to study booklets with pictures of “western” fighter planes and their data, plus associated ammo, stuff that you’ll find in Wiki today. That was “state secret”.
Divulging locations of military compounds was treason. Today I can look on Google Earth and see everything inside most of the US bases… that would had been a dream back then, only spy satellites had that level of detail, in secret bunker rooms.

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I know Crimea is occupied indeed.
I’ve been in our army as well and we studied the Warsawpact aircraft as well. Since I was in charge of a AA tank we even had timebased recognition training in order to be able to identify the aircraft including all variations of Mig-21 or Mig-23. Classification was set to Internal and it was not top secret. Anyway I was just curious how the local rules are/were. I can imagine they are more harsh now with uncle P in control.

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I get the impression (even in many oh so great democracies in Europe) the rules/laws are rapidly becoming more and more one law: don’t piss off those above your status.
What law is then used to prosecute … not that important.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly decided not only ATC comms but also 1090 MHz is illegal to monitor …


Yep I can understand that :sunglasses:

Variflight’s receivers likely log aircraft data to servers hosted in China? So I don’t see why China would care. They probably don’t want MLAT uploaded to servers outside of China. And I suspect they don’t want foreign expats in China tracking Chinese airspace aircraft positions in general.

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Now I carefully examined the frames of the video, where the table with a laptop was shot.Apparently he was FR24 feeder. The video shows “Remove Before Flight” label from FR24.

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The way the USA residents are going, continuously giving up freedoms for safety we may be there soon.

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I just had my equipment taken away today by the officers.

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I hope you were not arrested… I grew up in a communist regime, I know how it is.
Blows my mind that younger generations in US and EU would rather have that communist yoke than freedom. Because they don’t know how bad it really is.

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First time I visited China was in 1999 and at that time things were very different. Nowadays it is an amazing place to live and there is freedom.

As for the communist side, in my opinion only the political party name is such because the country and the nation are very capitalist.

The regime is very authoritarian but at the same time fair. I do support and understand this and I see it as a way for the government to ensure the people keep focus on that they have to do and do not cross the line.

I suppose that if countries in central and South America had a government like China, today they would be much better.

I got further clarification on the flight tracker usage and the issue is that China does not want any type of local information to be published outside without their consent.

But they have! Cuba, Venezuela…

Different - The Chinese president makes 20KUSD/year and he is worth 1.51 billion. China is not communist. I see more luxury brands vehicles here than when I used to see in Canada.

Time has changed with China and it is nothing compared to what people think it is.

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Time has changed indeed !

This is different. :wink: Equipment and data that are not the property of domestic capitalists.