China passenger plane crashes - 91 on board


Story just developing.

A Henan Airlines ERJ-190 with at least 91 on board has crashed in north eastern China. No word yet on casualties.

**UPDATE #1: ** Aircraft overshot runway on landing and caught fire. Reports that 48 people have been rescued.


As really wrong and morbid as it sounds, and not to take anything away from any loss of life, I hope that this was due to some pilot error.

I say this because I think the EJets series is a phenomenal series of aircraft, and this happens to be the first major (read: casualty) incident of not only the E190, but that entire series. I hope it was some sort of weather related or pilot error, otherwise what happened here may affect the entire series of EJets.



most of the time it is pilot error.


Unconfirmed reports said Yichun City’s Lindu airport had been shrouded in heavy fog at the time of the crash.