China Airlines Boeing 737-700 on fire


Here is an interesting video clip taken by one of the Japanese turists. Please note the ‘hero’ in back of the right engine with the hand extinguisher (at the very beginning of the video). Also note the ‘speedy’ response of the fire equipment? … na_air.wmv


Nice Vid!

It looked at first as though the hand extinguisher might have done a tiny bit of good, but those never last long enough.

Since i thought I picked up a bit of ‘sarcasm’ on the ‘speedy’ response-
The FD looked like they were there in a little over 3 minutes. For someone to ID a fire, call the dispatch (911 in china?), dispatchers to alert the crews, crews to dress in turnouts, figure out where on the airport they are responding, and then drive a large ‘truck’ there… I think they did good.