Chicken Little Was Right!!!!

Huge chunk of ice falls from clear sky and totals a FL Mustang!

At least it wasn’t iceblue!

We call them Boeing bombs…

Heh-heh… anyone seen the movie “JOE DIRT”? It’s hilarious!

The nightly news the other night had a much better picture of the damage on that car, which was worse than how it looks in that new article. The car was REALLY messed up.

Wikipedia is now reporting that it was infact blue ice. You know that the information there is 100% correct :laughing:


Hey! If it’s on the Internet it must be true! Just like if a product’s box says “as seen at TV” it’s a perfect product.

Same thing happened last week in…um…crap. it was the local news but I havent a clue what city I was in. It landed on a house, crashed right through the roof and the ceiling of the family room. When the news crew got to the scene there were ice chunks all over the front yard, and the family saved a large chunk in the freezer.

When CNN was showing their clip of the incident someone held up a large chunk of the ice for the camera. It was definitely clear ice, e.g. from a leaking waterline, not blue ice from the chem toilet.