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Checking in from 33000 feet


This is novel.

Writing this at 33000 feet in a BA747 en route from San Diego to Heathrow.

WiFi on board, was able to check stats on my Pi, which is in California and view live map, albeit I had to do that via ADSBexchange custom port.




What airline are you on?
I did have the pleasure on AA with this:


British Airways, they are the only ones that fly non stop from London to San Diego.

Wasn’t free either, cost £5 for an hour, just tried for the novelty. Played a couple of YouTube videos, not HD or anything special, still had a wee bit of buffering



Can’t hide money :wink:

Have a good trip! This coming Sunday I’ll be “jumping the pond” too…


Bring warm clothes, it is cold.



Yeah, I read about it in the news. Luckily, I am going to Sicily this time. Not so cold…


BTW, this is the radiation profile that we get exposed to while flying over the Atlantic from East Coast:

West Coast flights. being closer to the North Pole, get even more radiation.



Eek, I’ll take the boat next time :sunglasses: