Cheapest Chart Supplier

I’m looking for the chart supplier with the cheapest prices. The cheapest I know of is WESTERN CARDINAL, INC.

VFR Sectional Charts - - - - – - - - - $7.00
World Aeronautical Charts (WAC) - $7.00
Terminal Charts - - - - - - - - - - - - - $4.00
Low Altitude IFR Enroute Charts - - $3.35

They’re so cheap, they can’t afford to have a respectable Web site! Still, they did manage to publish their phone number - so I guess you can phone-in your order.

Anybody know of anyone cheaper?

The next-cheapest that I know of is Their price on sectionals and WACs are $7.25 each. They have a real Web site you can actually order from.

Vrotate has VFR charts for $6.85 and low altitude IFR for $4.05.

They have “No Outrageous Shipping Costs” but I couldn’t find out what the shipping costs, if any, were. They are based out of Del Mar, CA.

Until I did some more research, I was going to say that you should be careful about buying discounted charts. After all, no legitimate business is going to sell items at a loss. I then found out that dealers get a 40% discount on products from the FAA so it is possible for a dealer to discount the charts and still make a profit.

You gotta initiate the checkout procedure - first fill-in name and address iformation, and THEN you get to see shipping costs.

I’m getting 16 charts which adds up to 1.5 pounds:
USPS Priority - - $9.50
Parcel Post - - - $7.16
Express Mail – $22.70
UPS 2nd Day - $16.27
UPS 3rd Day – $12.81
UPS Ground - - - $9.48

That’s why you fill in fake information the first time you do it.