Chautauqua Airlines N656BR as Continental Express

Yesterday I noticed N656BR sitting on the B-PAD at IAH in the B101 Slot. It had Continental Livery but no globe on the tail. I thought it looked alittle out of place being that there were 14 other ERJ’s in the area. It read on the aircraft left side aft of the entry door, “Operated by Chautauqua Airlines.”

I do realise that they are moving in to take over the 69 ERJ’s aircraft due to leave in the near future.

I saw it again today taxing from the northside to RWY 09 for departure. I did a search for it here on flightaware an does not show any flight history…

Any clues…?

Airline flights are tracked by flight number, not by tail number.

If you can recall the time the aircraft departed you should be able to make a “best guess” estimate of what flight number it was operating under by going to the departures section of the IAH page.

Or, better yet, if you can wait two-three months, you can find out what flight N656BR was assigned to by going to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ Airline On-Time Statistics.