Changing Gain on Piaware / Prostick

Is it possible to change the gain on Piaware (stock config - no changes)? I don’t need the filter it seems in my area. I may get some benefit, after reading rage other threads, to turning it down to mid 30 something.


Got it, thnx.

Question tho. Is it necessarily required to reduce the gain on my setup (filter taken off) if I have limited RF congestion in my area? No cell towers nearby…in fact only one tower that is linked to NYNEX MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS CO. The school is using a microwave system to share phone/data. That’s about it. If I put the filter in it reduces my message rate by 10-15%.


It depends. Imagine that you’re in a car, turn the radio up to maximum… It probably sounds pretty bad and hard to really listen to. Now turn it down to a comfortable listening range and the music is more clear and easier to listen to.

Your gain may be too high to comfortably listen to the aircraft signals because they’re overdriving the receiver.