Changes to DirectFlight/WSDL1 on 10/24/2006

We’ve added a SearchCount procedure. It works exactly like Search (key/value pairs for in-air searches) but it returns an integer that is the total number of results based on your search.

Additionally, we’ve had to change Search – it accidently was released without the corresponding howMany and offset arguments like all the similar functions have. Accordingly, you’ll need to re-download the WSDL, possibly re-generate stubs (if applicable), and update your code to use these arguments and support walking through the results using next_offset. As indicated in the documentation, we don’t intend to break backwards compatibility without incrementing the WSDL version number although we had to make an exception in this case and figure it won’t be too much of an inconvenience given we did it within 36 hours of release.

Thanks for using FlightAware and we look forward to feedback and seeing DirectFlight applications in the wild!