Changes for Air Transat & Canjet


It looks like Air Transat (TSC)'s partnership with Canjet (CJA) will be ending. Air Transat will also be retiring some of its widebodies and bring in Boeing 737-800s.

TSC currently has 12xA332 and 10xA310, which will be reduced to 10xA332 and 6xA310. TSC will have 5xB738 on permanent lease and 6 more on lease during the tourist season.

CJA is making decisions on what to do now that they don’t have a contract with TSC. The Canjet CEO says that Canjet may work with TSC in the future, but if that doesn’t happen CJA may enter the Canada-sun destination market on its own.

It’s too bad to see TSC let go of some of their widebodies, as I think they were one of the only carriers to use big jets between Canada & Mexico/ Carribean. But according to the article, it will save them money, so it’s for the better.


First B737-800’s will arrive for 2013 winter season, 1st A310 to be retired will be this July, then two more 2014 - and will add two more A330’s 2014/2015.

That’s the plan so far!!!


Isn’t TSC the last N. American carrier flying the A310?



FedEx still has quite a few. Not a pax carrier, but definitely North American! Didn’t look through the rest of the list.


Not passenger but Royal Canadian Armed Forces operate 5. (ex Wardair)

(Ward family (WARDAIR) are 1/4 owner of Morningstar Parnters (FedEx Canada B757’s))


Just noticed an Air Transat A310 in Cancun in January. It’s definitely one of the last widebodies between N. America and the Caribbean. USAirways still flies their aging 762s down there, but I don’t know how long that will last.