Change user account associated with a Piaware Receiver


Is there a way to change the user account that an existing Piaware is associated with?

I have a Keyboard and Monitor available if needed.

The receiver is b8:27:eb:0c:df:c6 (site 8735 ) the new account is mcairport. It’s currently under my account paulgrut.



apparently you can go to

logging in with the new account and claim the reciever (not tried it, let us know if it works)


I gave that a try. It doesn’t find a Piaware to claim. Evidently that doesn’t work if it has been claimed previously.



FA Support gave me the instruction. Perhaps they need to try it themselves.


Could you do

sudo piaware-config -user (User Name) -password

Would that should change account holder, but I don’t know about the MAC moving to that account.


Yea, tried this and it doesn’t work. I set up a pi for my buddy , but now need to get it moved from my account to his. Seems to be no way to do this online.


I have the same problem. Hopefully we can get some feedback on how to get it transferred to the correct owner.


Were you still looking to have the piaware changed to another account? If so, I just need the new account username and I can have the site switched.


I also have this problem. I accidentally registered a new ADS-B receiver under my account and need to move it to my son’s account. HELP


First clear current feeder-id

$ sudo piaware-config -show feeder-id
$ sudo piaware-config feeder-id ""
Cleared setting for feeder-id in /etc/piaware.conf:9
$ sudo piaware-config -show feeder-id
$ sudo systemctl restart piaware

Now log-in to your son’s Flightaware account from same network where the Pi is, and cklick this link and complete claim process.

The Pi will now be registered with your son’s account with a new station number.

Setting up Test Site

The thread was created a few years ago. The username login part will not work.
The feeder-id and abcd567 instructions are correct way to do this now.

If you don’t want to blank out the feeder-id you can also reclone the piaware image back on the SD card. This will create a new site on boot up which can then be claimed.


$ piaware-config flightaware-user

$ piaware-config flightaware-password

if your changs username or password could using that.