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Change in historic flights


when retriving data twice bei flightnumber, I get for the same day differnt results for same flightnumber and departure day.

Eg.: DLH1035 querried on 15.06.2020 21:05:55 FRA local time and 22.06.2020 21:07:02 FRA local time
with the first querry we got flights

FromCode ToCode FlightNumber STD
LFPG EDDF DLH1035 17.06.2020 16:00
LFPG EDDF DLH1035 12.06.2020 15:50
LFPG EDDF DLH1035 09.06.2020 15:50

for the latter we got:

FromCode ToCode FlightNumber STD
LFPG EDDF DLH1035 17.06.2020 15:50
LFPG EDDF CLH1035 16.06.2020 15:50
LFPG EDDF DLH1035 15.06.2020 15:50
LFPG EDDF CLH1035 14.06.2020 15:50
LFPG EDDF CLH1035 13.06.2020 15:50
LFPG EDDF CLH1035 12.06.2020 16:00
LFPG EDDF DLH1035 12.06.2020 15:50
LFPG EDDF CLH1035 11.06.2020 15:50

the querry at 2020-06-15 did not report eg. flight on 2020-06-14
but the querry at 2020-06-22 did report it.

Is there a time of querry when to be sure, that all flights flown will be in database?

Example Code:
FlightXML2b flightxml = new FlightXML2b();
ArrayOfFlightInfoStatusStruct fis = flightxml.FlightInfoStatus(“DLH1035”, 15, 1);

best regards

It looks like this was the result of automatic codeshare matching performed by the API. Schedule data indicated that once a week Lufthansa Cityline (CLH) would operate the Lufthansa mainline (DLH) flight staring on June 20th. After that date the codeshare to CLH was automatically returned by the API. This revealed old, but already existing, flights that match the codeshare lookup.

We assume, that flight DLH1035 actually took place at 2020-06-14, since it was bookable up to that day. Our question is, it was not reported in the querry on 2020-06-15 but it was reported with the querry at 2020-06-22

Actually this flight is in my opinion not a codeshare, it is never published to the custumer as a CLH flight. I assume that CLH is aircraft owner, since CLH (Lufthansa Cityline) is a 100% subsidiary of DLH (Lufthansa Airlines)

This was just one example. We experienced an increase in number of flights by 10%.

Are you able to provide me with Flight data?

What flight data are you interested in? Your question is not specific enough.