CFIJames Upgraded

Not sure if this is the correct Forum for a general announcement or not, but here goes.

I’m very proud to announce that, after only around 8 months, J has been upgraded to left seat in the Pasta Rocket.

We now officially have two Captains in the family!

Well deserved and well earned I am sure.


Congratulations. I take it 8 months is a short period to upgrade for your company?

It was actually 10 months, but thanks y’all.

Congratulations to the both of you… :wink:

Wow! :open_mouth: What a pleasant surprise. Congratulations!!! :smiley:

Strong work!
We’ll expect better pics now since the view is best out the left side!


Nicely done. Turbine PIC time 8)

400 KTS in a turboprop will look so much better when you know you’re the one commanding it.
Congrats James!

(post #200 woot)

ME Turbine PIC time…Yeah baby…

I should have been clearer :wink:

I got your back :wink:

Nice work Chad!

Clearly some Wright stuff in your family - congrats!

Wow!!! Congrats to ya, James! Awesome!

Congrats cfi!