Cessna to build new plane in,,,,,,, CHINA!!!


Cessna to build new plane in China
The Wichita Eagle
In a departure from company tradition, Cessna Aircraft will build its new light sport aircraft in China, the company announced today.

The Model 162 SkyCatcher – a two-seat, aluminum, high-wing plane – will be built by Shenyang Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of China Aviation Industry Corp., a government-owned consortium of aircraft manufacturers.

Cessna held a signing ceremony Tuesday with Shenyang at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

It’s the first time Cessna will have joined with another company to build one of its aircraft.

“They have demonstrated proven capabilities,” Cessna chief executive Jack Pelton said.

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that will help keep the price down but do not lick any part of the plane :smiley:


Flight Global Airbus, Cessna, Sikorsky, and now another Western manufacturer is setting up for final assembly in China. Liberty Aerospace a US Manufacturer joint venture to build XL2’s.


FlightGlobal article on new Chinese Regional Jet.