Cessna 525/CJ1+ cancelled?

Has anyone heard if Cessna is dropping the 525/CJ1+? It’s no longer listed on their website. Through the 3rd Quarter of last year they had delivered one.

Still on the website; cessna.com/citation/citation-cj1.html

Last two off the line;

525-0700 N884JG

525-0701 N805P

I know for a fact that SN 701 will be the last 525/CJ1+ that is built.

Ah, well there you have it?

As your locale is ICT, and you speak with certainty - I have a question - where exactly is Mustang 510-0337??? It’s missing in action and I can only
guess it must be gathering dust at ICT of IDP??

Regarding the status of 525/CJ1+, keep checking the FAA Type Certificate Website for an updated TCDS A1WI, Revision 19 to be published.

airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_an … enFrameSet

FAA TCDS A1WI, Rev 19 was published March 1, 2011. It shows on page 1 the 525 production ending with SN 701. It is now official.