Central Arkansas flying

I just moved to Little Rock AR area in August, and my airplane stayed in Northwest Arkansas with my family. I have looked for flying clubs and aircraft rentals in the area, but havent found much besides Central Flying Service, whose rental rates are way out of my budget. I am a 170 hour private pilot w/ instrument rating and tailwheel endorsement. If anyone knows of anything to help keep me flying for a reasonable price, please help!

:laughing: :laughing: Good luck brother! I’m at KHRO. I’ve had to drive to SGF or BPK to rent and fly. And its not cheap. Looked in CWS or 12A yet?

Who in their right mind would move to Arkansas? My first and only impression was flightaware.com/resources/airport/42A/summary where I had to taxi around critter “excrement” on the runway when I diverted from Searcy AR due to low ceilings. I was waiting for the wild pigs to come out of the bushes. :smiley:

Just kidding of course about the right mind part as I don’t have a right mind myself moving to MS so I am last to judge one moving to KLIT.

Hopefully Beechluvr will chime in as he is a native AR resident per his profile (or another AR resident).

Welcome aboard!


Oh…and chime away I will!! I’ve lived here for 8 yrs (I’m originally from MIA) and I’m still trying to figure these people out. But I have to say…the cost of living…the very low crime rate compared to where I’m from and lived is a good trade off. I have two of three boys left at home and in school. So my days are numbered here. And then its on to year long VFR days and margaritas outside of Ricks Cafe in the Keys. ANYWHERE in the keys. Imagine…I never heard of a “dry county”. Do these people not know that prohibition ended decades ago. Thats what I get for living smack dab where the belt meets the buckle in the so called "bible belt. " :laughing: In so many words…DUDE GO GET YOUR PLANE!! not that many options in these here parts…see! now I’m talking like them.

I have flown into HRO quite a few times, mainly because it was 51 NM from FYV where I got my private. Not only did it exceed the VFR X-Country requirement by 1 NM (haha) but it was a very nice, easy airport to learn cross country procedures. CWS has a flying club with and older 172 and a cub, but after all the annual expenses from what I remember, it ends up being the around the same price as renting from Central. I found a guy over in Lonoke who operaes an IFR certified 172 from a grass strip for $70/hour wet, but havent had enough spare time to make that trip just yet.

Huh, huh-huh… he said KLIT… huh-huh.

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sounds cool miles…70 bucks is not bad at all. However…make sure his 172 checks out in a way YOU feel safe. Just food for thought.


im not sure how close you are, but my friend lives about 10 miles from here and there is a CFI giving lessons and renting his plane, don’t know rates or availability, but its a start maybe.

Place is about an hour north of N KLIT

I’m in KFSM and the rates are fairly moderate… I’d have to get some more info on the pricing, although it may be too far from LIT. If you want any info just ask me.

I have looked at some info for the FSM flying club, and it seems like a great deal. Only problem is that I am over 2 hours away. I am possibly moving back to Fayetteville in January to attend grad school so I will definitely consider this if i do

Yes, it’s a great club. Wonderful bunch of guys out there. Good luck in your search.