Centering map


I recently purchased a new aircraft (N286DC) and now my home base is KOQU and not KBWI but the map view still shows my activity with BWI on the map. Is there a way to clear the previous map view so OQU is centered and the range is limited to 100 miles?


The map centers based on the last IFR origin/destination and the radar position reports received (IFR or VFR flight following under some circumstances). Are you able to file and fly IFR to update the map?


The airport(s) maked on the map reflect the last IFR flight by the aircraft. To recenter the map at OQU you would need to file IFR from and to OQU.
The area of the map is automatically limited to cover the airports for the most recent IFR flight and any position reports we’ve received for the aircraft (associated with the last IFR flight or not).


Great, I’m planning to fly IFR on Monday so that should take care of the view. I have not filed IFR in this aircraft since the purchase of the DA20 (I fly a DA40 for IFR usually).



noticed N286DC was registered with the United States Naval Aademy. :question:


Purchased the aircraft from USNA. It is a sweet aircraft, Dual Garmin 430/420 with glideslope and terrain. I’m not sure wht these aircraft are VFR only as they are very capable IFR fliers. I’m currently training for my IFR in it.


Likely they did use it for IFR operations but operated using a flight identification that was not the N-number.


do you know if USNA sold N286DC after they disbanded their Flight Team due to lack of funding. :question:


USNA sold all their GA aircraft. DA’s and 172SP’s. Navy Annapolis Flight Center has two of the SP’s. They’re based at ANP. USNA disbanded the flight team as a result of the decision to get out of the flying business. They used them in conjunction with their IFS program which is still active only contracted out to local flight schools. NAFC and Proflight being two that come to mind.