Cemetery at the End of the Runway


Not sure if it was PIT or CLE (or could possibly be another major/legacy carrier’s hub)… as our plane was landing, and we were very low and near to touchdown, I noticed a cemetery down below. I THINK we were landing in a westerly direction, but I could be entirely wrong about that. This was the days before I had a GPS receiver with me to track my flights.

Anybody know which airport (and runway)? Any others like that? I’m thinking that’d be the plane spotter’s ultimate final resting place. :bulb:


Don’t know if it is still there, but there ws one at ORD.

Edit to add you can see it in the Google Earth photo at the departure end of 27L


I don’t think you’re talking about KCLE…The only Rwy. that you would land on E-W (or vv) would be Rwy. 28/10. To the east is Rte. 237, a large rail yard, and the Ford Engine Plant. To the west is NASA Glenn and one of the Metroparks. No cemetaries that I can think of near the other Rwys. as well.


A bit more reasearch (I was bugged by memories of seeing a cementary departing 22L shows that (at least as of 2002) there are two cemetaries at ORD (Read a bit about them here).

These cemetaries appear to be under threat of airport expansion (News story Here)


Landing RY12 at LGB…


Thanks for ruling out CLE.

Thanks JR. While I’m sure it’s not the one I’m thinking of (my first time into ORD was about three weeks ago), it definitely sounds like one of interest. After my initial post and before reading the responses, I actually thought about how future expansion of airports might be a problem which is confirmed by your links.

From this link:
terraserver-usa.com/image.as … =11611&W=3

Is this the area you’re talking about on 22L?

I definitely found the one at 27L:

I’m gonna check for images of PIT and see if I can find anything there. Thanks for the help.

And please keep coming up with others that y’all know of for future reference of others interested in this subject who MIGHT happen to use the search function… :wink:


Yes, the 1 off 27L is pretty obvious- I wonder if the other one is gone already- I rember it being airport side of the freeway, not across. While the description I link states the number of monuments being much fewer in one of them, I see no evidence in the pics.


Curious…how exactly does one “decomission” a cemetary? Where do they move the remains? If you think about it, when was the last time you heard of a cemetary grand opening? They must, cuz people have a habit of dying!
Also, once all the plots are sold in a cemetary, how does the landowner make any money? Are cemetaries funded by the government as a necessary public service?
…just things I’ve always wondered I guess. :unamused:

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I think the one I was thinking of was PIT Runway 32:


There’s two: Forest Lawn Long Beach Memorial Park and All Souls Cemetary.


Depends on whether it was consecrated (church owned) ground or not. Usually, it’s done by eminent domain seizure for a “public” cemetery and is treated like any other land the govt. wants, but it can be quite a protracted venture if church owned land is involved.

Sometimes to another cemetery, sometimes to a crematorium.

All the time in FL, for instance, in the local papers. They even advertise new “sections” as well as the opening of new above ground facilities.

No government funding unless it’s a National or Veteran’s cemetery. Usually “perpetual care” funds are paid into a trust for maintenance of the grounds and plots. Then there’s cemeteries owned by fraternal organizations (Mason, Elks, etc.) which are maintained from funds raised from current members as well as trusts.


Here in Northern Virginia, with all of the new development going on, there’s always stories in the paper about construction crews unearthing old forgotten cemeteries. A lot of detective work goes on in locating relatives or descendants of the buried remains. It always slows down the construction, but it never stops it.

When the relatives or descendants can be located, it’s up to them to determine where they want the remains placed. I suppose the procedure could vary depending on state or local laws.


A small two-seater Cessna 152 plane crashed into a cemetery early this afternoon in central Poland. Polish search and rescue workers have recovered 300 bodies so far and expect that number to climb as digging continues into the evening.



The flight instructor and government check pilot survived the crash and were reported to have joined in the search.

Along those lines, I find the following quite humorous as well:


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Cemetaries-Everyone is just dying to get in! :laughing:


hey … the cememtaries sound like ideal places to really watch planes up close …exhaust and all… i’ve driven near them. they could be locked,except through church members? i feel for the families, and Richie Daley needs to expand O’Hare… go Richie…


I’ve spotted before at one of the cemeteries that is located off one of the runways at ABE. Nice open area, and when there’s a break in the action, you can read the headstones, which can be pretty interesting. :slight_smile: