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that will generate one heck of a range I guess :wink: :+1:

This is my current range with both feeders combined, not too bad I think :wink:


And this is range map of the new church tower feeder


Guess this makes you a happy feeder

Well, just moderately happy because I already know that my new feeder will not outrank my ‘old’ feeder.
Despite the vastly improved range it seems that it is almost completely deaf for signals coming from the opposite direction, something I never expected because I thought that the wood and thin slates of the tower would still let through the strongest signals. I forgot that there’s also an identical tower on the opposite side about 20m away so I guess this building is already partly attenuating the signals before they get to the adjacent tower.
Ideally, I should have to put the antenna on top of the church to have a clear 360° view but that means taking away the cross and I guess that not everyone will be pleased with that. :church:

cough on top of the cross cough


Yeah with a couple of black tie wraps :smiley:

… or I could use a cross yagi instead :laughing:

Nailed to the cross, obviously :wink:

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Found a new spot even higher with better reception from the backside and the stats are skyrocketing :smiley:
Probably a bit off topic here, maybe I should create a new topic ‘Raised aerial 90ft and in the clear’ :wink:


Wow, even better view than your first one, and of course the numbers are skyrockening. Guess you mare making big steps on the ranking:)

Are you telling us where it is :slightly_smiling_face:

Marvellous! What a fantastic upgrade, good job.

I’m jealous! :slight_smile: Congrats on the great location.

I’m curious - how many overloads does the front end see?

Don’t underestimate the superior dynamic range of the Airspy compared to the FA dongle.
The only overload I have ever noticed are helicopters flying at 500ft just above the antenna and this only for a couple of seconds.

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