Casey Anthony's get-away jet


It is being widely reported that this is the jet that Casey Anthony is on. As I type this the a/c is currently in the air and scheduled to arrive in Columbus Ohio at 2:50 AM


That’s what the media here in Orlando is saying, yeah. Some have claimed that no person boarding that LearJet 45 looked like Anthony, but I don’t give that much credit as she’d probably be disguised somewhat. The fact this a/c flew down just this afternoon and landed at ORL just before 21:00 tonight and is flying right back, an hour after Anthony’s release, to me certainly supports the idea it’s her. ORL doesn’t get a whole lot of late-night traffic really, anyways. Also, Anthony apparently has family in Ohio and was born there.


If that is Anthony however, you gotta wonder who is paying for all this. That Lear doesn’t come cheap and while she’s got million-dollar interview offers, I don’t think any checks have been written just yet.


My guess is they made an exclusive deal with a media outlet to take still photos of her release, including on board the aircraft in exchange for furnishing the plane. According to eyewitnesses lots of food and drink was loaded onto the plane so they probably had quite a celebration. I guess we should soon find out if indeed she is on board because aircraft landed a few minutes ago.


Could well be man, could well be. Personally, if she got a biz jet, I was hoping it would be operated by Aero Contractors and headed far, far away . .


That’s the plane I saw on Fox News a few minutes ago. They showed somebody boarding it, I don’t know (or care) if it was her.




The Orlando Sentinel is reporting she was released shortly after midnight. Looks like the flight departed KORL well before midnight. I dunno. :question:


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And who really cares? Leave the woman alone. Whether you agree or not, she was not found guilty of the major charges against her. Let her get on with her life.


exactly, while I dont agree with the verdict, it is what it is. And if you want mamma government to start changing verdicts you dont like. you wont like the monster that comes shortly after.


I agree too. The verdict doesn’t seem just, yet it is justice and the correct verdict for a jury to conclude given the evidence, or in this case, the lack thereof. My interest in Anthony’s supposed flight was mainly because (1) I live in Orlando and know this airport well and (2) if she was put on a Lear, I’d like to know how that came about. It was just interesting.


Some of the most rational comments on this case. My view is that she was found not guilty by a jury of her peers. They sat in (and gave up their lives for a couple months) on the full case and heard the evidence and made a unanimous decision 12-0. If any of us were the subject of a minor criminal case or a death penalty murder case we would want the best defense and our day in court. 100% of what I know about this case has been fed to me by a corrupt media and only in passing as I’ve been busy living my life thousands of miles away. Personally I’d rather a guilty person go free then have an innocent person executed. The mistakes made by law enforcement and the prosecutors were enormous and outrageous. For starters the body was found in the nearest wooded area nine houses from the Anthony home and nobody knows if, when or how well that area was searched. My prime suspect, the whacko meter reader guy called to report the skeleton not once but twice, five months apart. Guilty or innocent, Casey’s life will never be truly free and we’ve probably not heard the last of her (see Orenthal James Simpson). She’ll probably be picked up for knocking over a bank, high on meth, in a few years.

Who would pay for the Lear? Maybe her attorneys who may not have gotten rich defending this woman but every criminal in Florida and beyond will hire them to provide defense from drunk driving to murder. The lawyers involved will be filthy rich and successful for the rest of their lives. They’ll write books, give speeches and collect appearance fees. Jose Baez is the new F. Lee Bailey, Gerry Spence, etc… Everybody doubted him and he proved them all wrong. That part I respect.