Cargo flights PANC to KLCK to JFK


I’ve been following some flights like this one into KLCK: … /PANC/KLCK

I’ve been trying to catch a 747 in flight and I’m right on the climb path of these when they depart LCK for JFK. Nearly all of them arrive from PANC, hit the ground for an hour or so, and then depart for JFK. Haven’t caught one yet due to timing or cloud cover (could hear it clearly!!), but I’ll keep trying.

Just curious if anyone knows why these stop at LCK and then onward to JFK. Are they unable to make it without fueling? Most of them originate in Asia and have 6+ hours to PANC and 6 hours to KLCK. Is that about it for a heavy freighter?


KLCK is a major cargo airport for several airlines serving Columbus.


For freight flights, fuel is the major reason for an Alaskan stop.


Not only the onloading of fuel but also ANC is a major hub for the transfer of cargo among different flights. This is especially true for Northwest, FedEx, and UPS.