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Careers at FlightAware-reply to topic of same title in admin

I take it the jobs are located in Houston? Any possibility of telecommuting. Houston is just slightly out of my commuting range by about 1300 miles.

Oh dami…

From the careers page:

FlightAware supports “flex hours” for most positions, tele-commuting in many cases, and a casual work environment for non-customer facing positions.

Am sorry - only searched for and looked at the position but not carefully - just looked mainly at the requirements.

As punishment, I shall not say anything about people looking at FAQs or the forum postings for the next 10 minutes! :cry:

Darn I am about 10 minutes late. I could have had some fun with that one!

It’s a shame Dami lives too far away… He’d be PERFECT for the Customer Service Specialist position! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe FlightAware could relocate their headquarters in an effort to employ him as such! :bulb:

Actually, I am pretty good at customer service - with paying customers. I’ve done quite a bit of customer service over my lifetime, with both external and internal customers. Believe it or not, I can be tactful.

I could telecommute but unfortunately, the hours aren’t great - I wouldn’t mind start at 6 Pacific (9 Eastern as in the blurb) but I’d only be able to do 30 minutes of work a day. Of course, if my boss at my day job doesn’t mind, I could work there and at FlightAware at the same time!

Enter "Don’t quit your day job’ joke here…

…So you could handle DOUBLING your work schedule?? :smiling_imp:

Hey dami, someone was bound to say it! :wink:

Seriously, do you actually think that 30 minutes is enough time to answer alll of the redundant newbie questions that arise here lately, let alone the others that we in the forums (fora?) never see that are directed to FA staff?