Some of u may know, many car manufacturers test the cars in this beautiful country near the artic circle. “In the winter there are special flights from…Close to these airports there are major German car producers, who perform lot of snow and cold temperature testing in the Arvidsjaur region.”

Which airline and aircraft operate these “special flights” ??

I’m sure BMW (note registration) would not use this: … 0791005/M/


They probably use contract 747s i had a truck driver tell me they use to drive them to the mountains near the west coast(Utah,Nevada) to do the same type of testing then they would drive them back here put them on 747s and fly them back across the ocean so they could see how they did during the test by checking their computer data.


I think the only time a corporate jet would make that trip is if there was a problem that required an engineering team to get there “right now”, or a corporate executive went out on a photo op.
I agree with mrmusicman1260 that chartered freighters is the most logical way to do it.



i don’t think so. look at the runway length!


The 747 might surprise you when it’s lightly loaded. A couple times I’ve seen them depart KSAN with a 3000’ roll or even less.
So throw a few cars in it and the testing equipment…still a pretty light load with 5 hours of fuel. 8201’ would be a cakewalk for most airliners.