Can't Track Flight


Two things I can’t track the flight from Punta Cana Int’l to Pittsburg. And how come they fly a A320 from PIT-CLE its only 22min kinda seems pointless.


Umm, Nitro, 732 posts later and you haven’t read the FAQ? Go to and read the red lettering and you get your answer. I copied it here for your convienance.

This airport is outside of FlightAware’s service area and will only show data on flights to/from FlightAware’s service area and be generally unreliable.

Pick up passengers? Takes longer to drive there?


  1. They fly ONLY A320s. USA3000 has no other a/c.

  2. I believe this is a repositioning flight. You can’t buy a ticket from CLE-PIT, and I don’t think you can buy one “the other way” either. They don’t fly direct from Punta Cana to Cleveland, so perhaps they have pax on board for this “reposition.” :question: I’m sticking with a continuation flight or a simple reposition that is obviously a normally scheduled operation, judging by the flight history.


Why not consider the possibility that this flight is scheduled as a Punta Cana/Cleveland flight with intermediate stop in Pittsburgh?

You probably see no historical tracking data because the flight has landed in Pittsburgh before a departure message is processed by the FAA. I’d bet that if you looked at a map at the right time, you’d see radar tracking of this flight, but no aircraft type notation on the label. (You see this frequently with AAL flights from Europe to KDFW.)


My mistake. Had a brain fart. Tobyz1 is right. I forgot that they fly from Punta Cana to CLE as of sometime this past year. I checked their site; they have this flight (435) which has a stop in KPIT (rather than have 2 half-full A320s fly to Punta Cana), and there’s another flight that goes directly to CLE (on different days, of course). I think it’s flight 401.

Edit This isn’t the only flight that USA3000 flies with a “short hop” to KCLE. Look at GWY439’s history. I didn’t realize they do this as often as they do.