Can't track a "non-blocked" aircraft


I am trying to track N724SC and N725SC which do not show up as “blocked”. There is some month plus old tracking but nothing new. I pass by these two planes on my way to work each day and know they are travelling somewhere. Why can’t I get current info on them?

Thanks in advance.


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There are a few likely reasons why you can not find track data on those aircraft.

1 (Most Likely) The flights are being flown under a call sign, not the tail number. In this case, you need the call sign to search for the flight.

  1. Flights are being operated VFR.

  2. Flights are to nearby airports, if the flight never gets handed to Center, it is unlikely (though possible) that the flight data makes it to the national network, and thus to FA. We see a lot of reporting varation by region as ATC procedures seem to vary from area to area.


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Found this:

EJM25 N725SC LJ60 KSNA 8th Mar 2007

on Spotters

So it appears to fly for Executive Jet Managemet (Jet Speed). Try looking for EJM flights from you target airport.

#4 … 2FReserved

Is this the plane you speak of?

Suncal Management Bombardier?

Is this the company you speak of?

Call sign : Execjet

ICAO code NJT. ( a Netjets Company ) or EJM ( thanks for jreeves by one minute )

Am I on the right track?

All you need now is two airports that this plane is flying from and to and you could maybe start tracking it.

I could be way off on this one.


Easier than that- I think. EJM seems to number the flights based on the Tail number.

EJM24 N724SC
EJM25 N725SC


Yes, the Suncal Bombardier and their Lear are the two jets in question.


Can the call sign change for a given aircraft?


Yes- it is one of the main advatages to flying under a call sign, you don’t need to know the particular aircraft that will fly when you file. The commercial airlines juggle the aircraft constantly, yet keep the flight number the same.

However, Netjets, since they are not flying traditional scheduled service, seems to maintain a convention of relating the tail number to the flight number- as this likely simplifies internal tracking.


The call sign can change on every flight. This is usually the case in the airlines. Netjets, other fractionals and charter firms usually base their call sign off their tail number. This is not always the case. I know of one company that flies a variety of aircraft and tail numbers and there is no consistency. Maybe members of this board who work in that arena have some insight?


Angel Flights come to mind when call signs would change for a GA flight.