Can't get PIAware running


That file is no longer processed when pi-hole is active. Or is it?

Nice that you got through the process and fixed it now this is confirmed to work :wink:


I can only assume that the file is still used by lighttpd as there is a symbolic link from /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled and that is the file that I changed to port 8089 and restarted the service. I would assume that pi-hole only overwrites the lighttpd.conf file but allows other configuration files unchanged.

I am happy to have got it working and will now move the working memory card to my original pi-aware machine and re-configure my feed, shutdown the pi-hole machine and now I have another development Pi to resolve similar problems on :grin:


If that is actually the case the external.conf can be shortened significantly to:

server.modules += (

Out of curiousity: was lighttpd running without the external.conf or was it reporting errors also?
Maybe you could just check the status with external.conf empty / moved away?


That is correct the external.conf file contains what you have just stated and nothing else.

Lighttpd was running all ok without the external.conf file, I was able to access pi-hole but not pi-aware. I did try the original external.config that was posted above but this would not allow the lighttpd service to start.

This seems such a simple fix now it is working. I will start a new rebuild once I have migrated my current machines into one. Then check that it is as easy as this to have both running concurrently/simultaneously.


Latest update

This is definitely the way to allow both applications to run. I decided to be brave and install Pi-Hole on my existing Pi-Aware machine and all I did was run the curl installation for Pi-Hole, follow the bouncing ball to complete the install. Add the external.conf file to /etc/lightttpd directory with the following contents.

server.modules += ( 

Low and behold - Shows the Pi-Aware web page - Shows the Pi-Hole Interface