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Cancelled flights in AirportBoard


how long is shown a cancelled flight in AiportBoard?

When doing a query at this moment from Treviso (LIPH) airport, I can see a cancelled flight (Ryanair 4985), but I don’t see another cancelled flight (Pobeda 858), and both are shown as cancelled in airport webpage.


Cancelled flights should drop out of AirportBoards immediately. It looks like the AirportBoards request for LIPH was run two days before the cancellation of the Ryanair 4985 flight (RYR4985-1583214377-airline-0049). Since the cancellation wasn’t announced yet it was still appearing in AirportBoards.

Thanks for the answer.

If they are dropped out immediately, how could I know if a flight has been cancelled using AirportBoards? I’m working on a timetable, running AirportBoards query periodically. If a flight is cancelled between both queries, and it dissappears from Board, how could I know it has been cancelled?


one more question regarding cancelled flights. Due to COVID-19 issue, all direct flights from Italy to Spain has been cancelled, but they are still been shown in AirportBoards (e.g. AEA1082).

How much time last from a cancellation (it was approved yesterday) until it is shown in AirportBoards?


Apparently you need to query each flight ID to see if it was cancelled: FXML3 AirportBoards Feedback: Fringe Cases, Duplicate Flight IDs

I think it’s a significant oversight that you can’t building a flight board that includes cancellations with FlightBoard, but, that’s what they have now.

In this case, this is more likely that the airline is not properly transmitting cancellation messages to us or the data-providers that we rely on. It is possible that we may receive a cancellation closer to the actual departure, or we may simply “time-out” and delete the flight because we never receive any departure notification for it after 2 hours of its intended departure time.

In our primary coverage areas (such as US, Australia, New Zealand) we receive data from the primary ATC operator and can more reliably receive flightplan changes. In other parts of the world, we only receive schedule information or information relayed through airlines/data-providers.

Thanks. Query each individual flight ID to see if it is cancelled is totally unaceptable, it imply much more time as well as extra costs (higher plans need to be contracted).

In my opinion, AirportBoard should keep cancelled flights at least until its departure/arrival time, as it is done in real airport boards (that is the concept I’m imitating on different scenarios)

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I’d like to second the comments made by EDPI; the way that you guys handle cancelled flights really ought to be fixed, and fixed quickly, given the onslaught of cancelled flights that are coming up in the very near future.

I’m concerned about costs of doing repeated queries on flights that have cancelled or dropped out of results; is it safe to assume that for any flight, it’ll “time-out” and drop out of AirportBoards results precisely two hours after expected departure time on your end, or to avoid duplicate queries, would it be wise to wait a bit longer… perhaps 2 hours and twenty minutes after expected departure before re-querying?

Here’s an example I’m curious about; all times mentioned are CDT.

DAL669-1584936682-fa-0000 was scheduled to fly ORD-MSP, departing 5:48 PM, arriving 6:58 PM.

As of 9:20 PM, the flight hasn’t departed ORD, and the API and your website say it’s scheduled; Delta’s website says the flight’s cancelled.

The flight hasn’t timed-out or cancelled automatically, despite being beyond the two hour window.

How can I get accurate data from you guys on these dropped and cancelled flights? What’s the solution to this problem?

This is a case where the data the airline is providing to partners is different from the data provided on their public website. We still received all the planned gate assignments and route planning updates indicating the flight was going to happen. It was eventually cancelled by the airline too.