Canard Overhead


Looks like it’s probably this one.

Can anyone tell me why the link to the registration is a Cessna? The plane is a canard aircraft like the ones in the photos link. It was high enough that I could see the swept back main wings but couldn’t discern the front wing.


But was it low enough for you to get the actual registration?


There is at least one canard conversion on Cessna’s:


It looks to me like it was a Long Eze and probably under flight following. ATC just shortened the N number when it was entered in the computer.


No. 10,000 feet is too high, even with my most powerful lenses/binoculars.


I don’t understand this portion of your comment. Can you clarify?


That doesn’t look remotely close to what I saw. As posted elsewhere in the thread, it was a Long Ez.