Canadian Election Campaign Aircraft


As of today 14-Jan, here are the aircraft and current flight numbers that are being used by the Canadian Prime Minister electoral candidates (National Election on 23 Jan)

Liberal Leader, and Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin.
StarJet Canada Boeing 727-200 C-GLSJ current flight #'s CJT 330-332.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper.
Air Canada airbus A319 C-GITT current flight #'s ACA 7020-7022.

NDP Leader Jack Layton.
Air Canada airbus A319 C-GITR current flight #'s ACA 7024-7025.

Up here in Canada, eh? :laughing:


Liberal Leader and prime minister of Canada Paul Martin

Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper

NDP Party Leader Jack Layton

Up here in Canada, eh? 8)