Can this C680 really do this?


Can a C680 really fly from Torino to DET ?!? … /LIMF/KDET


I don’t think so. Notice they stopped at Stevenville, Newfoundland on the way over, likely to top off.
Cessna sez:


Cessna Sovereign Website


I would imagine westbound would be a two stop flight for a C680. Funny there is no flight for the inbound leg to DET from wherever. Stephenville to Torino would be a l o n g leg too.


Perhaps stopping somewhere Ireland, as well as Stephenville.
Anybody know of extra tanks available for the 680?


N681LF C680 Gander to Ireland on way over to EBACE.


No extra tanks available for the C680…

#8 … /CYJT/LIMF Seems they make the hop no problem.


2646 NM, not as far as I thought. Funny the flight plan doesn’t go past 20W.