Can Skyview zoom increment be changed?


Is there a way to modify the map zoom increment ? One click seems to zoom in or out quite a bit.


Feature request! :grin:

Agree… smaller increments would be nice.


Yup i concur, its a frustration for sure


@abcd567 to the rescue, perhaps? :rofl:

Just kidding.


Get @abcd567 to use his PHP skills


Certainly not asking folks to dive on this if I’m the only one raising the issue - was more wondering if there was some existing IP on how to do it that I just hadn’t found yet.
I’m new at this and assume I’m not much good at searching archives…


I also find the zoom much too coarse.

One click on the + and my view goes from about 250 NM to just over 100 NM.




I’m using a standard 3.5.3 image and an Apple magic mouse on a Mac. The scrolling is very smooth and precise. It’s the same on Google Maps. However if I switch to OL3 and use that Skyview, the slightest touch on the mouse causes several jumps in our out and it’s pretty much unusable. I have to avoid accidentally scrolling the mouse and stick to the + - on the map.

Google Maps used to be similarly erratic with the magic mouse but at some point it was fixed. I seem to remember a prompt from Google Maps in Safari asking me if it can use smooth scrolling and me saying yes. There were various add-ons you could install which claimed to fix it. For example this article talks about a Chrome extension for use on a Mac.

Are you by chance using a Mac and Safari and/or a magic mouse or some combo? It would be interesting to try another browser, try OL3, try one of these extensions and see how it changes things, if at all.


seems very difficult to achieve…


This method does kinda work. It might change the planesize relative to the map so that the planes may be too big.

Using 1.8 as a value worked quite well for me but you can try 1.6 for even smaller zoom increments.

On your feeder change this file:

Please ignore the line numbers they might be different for you or you don’t have them displayed in your editor.

You need to add the comma behind zoom: ZoomLvl and add zoomFactor:1.8 as a new line below zoom: ZoomLvl

After the alteration the section of the file should look like this.

559 OLMap = new ol.Map({
560 target: ‘map_canvas’,
561 layers: layers,
562 view: new ol.View({
563 center: ol.proj.fromLonLat([CenterLon, CenterLat]),
564 zoom: ZoomLvl,
565 zoomFactor:1.8
566 }),

After changing the file i just do a Ctrl-Shift-R to reload even cached content so i am sure the changes take effect. No need to restart the feeder or anything.

Please don’t do this if you are not confident you can undo the change and maybe create a copy of script.js so you can restore it.

Also note i never needed this as apparently if you just zoom with the mouse wheel you can already access intermediate zoom levels.

If you also want to play with plane icon sizes you need to change the following value:
364 var scaleFactor = Math.max(0.2, Math.min(1.2, 0.12 * Math.pow(1.25, ZoomLvl))).toFixed(1);

in file /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/planeObject.js

Happy tweaking :wink: (also note that this seems to slow down the map but i’m on a laptop you might not notice)