Can not kepp dump 1090 running

I have tried to run PiAware in many ways on different raspberry Pi such as Pi3 and Pi4. I have installed Piaware from .img and apt-get in raspbian OS.
Sooner or later dump 1090 stops running and what ever I do it will not run again, I allways need to reinstall a new installation.
Once it ran for a couple of months but after power failure it didn’t start anymore.
The only thing my insatllations have in common is the Flighawre dongle.

What can I do to keep it running?

What about the power supplies you use?

Did a reboot not fix it?
Did you try replugging it?

Really you’d want to check:

sudo journalctl -u dump1090-fa | tail -n60

Maybe you have installed something that grabs the SDR like fr24feed or rbfeeder.
The SDR can only be used by one decoder, to run multiple feed clients you need to make sure they don’t start grabbing the SDR.

I have made another go, now using an external powered USB HUB. I might have a too week powersupply.
No reboot or replugging did help previously so maybe seperate power will do?

Use a Raspberry pi original power supply.

Not impossible that the SDR is slowly dying … usually they are pretty good at not failing, but some do fail.

I have made some tests, with a external powered USB HUB I put the SD card in a Pi Zero W. Success! It could handle a power failure. I put the SD card in a Pi4 with the USB hub, success. When I disconnected the HUB no Pi worked. dump1090 didn’t start.
So I am stuck with the USB HUB.
The Pi power supply can deliver 2,5A, should be enough I think.

The power supply for the Pi delivers 3,0 A so that’s more then suffcient

Just because it’s written on there doesn’t mean it’s working as intended.

For a pi4 you want the RPi original power supply, end of story.
The big misconception with RPi computers is this: they are a computer and not some phone you want to charge (the phone has its own battery and couldn’t run just of the charger).

Thus just because it says 2.5 A and powers the pi, doesn’t mean it will work properly.

Your very test that using a powered hub fixes your issue … proves that the power supply is the issue.

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