Can not find certain flights from API


We have some issues with searching for flights in the API. for example:

XJ601 (Thai AirAsia X XJ601). when we search for it in the API, it says "no data available"
when we search for it on the flightAware website, it can correctly return us the XJ601/TAX601 page.
On the other hand, we can search for the flight via “TAX601”, however that’s not the name where users have known it for.

Can someone explain why this is the case and what we should do about it?

Thank you very much.


Looks like that IATA code (XJ) matches both Thai Air (TAX) and Mesaba Airlines (MES) so FlightXML is having trouble resolving the ident. We can look and see if there is a solution to that issue on our end, but in the interim you will probably need to translate the XJ -> TAX if you’re certain that it’s always that ICAO.


How can I translate the XJ -> TAX ?
Тhere is some API for this ?


We have a database of the operators that is available at the following link.