Can i use a filtered pre amp with a prostick plus?

This is what I’m looking at, will it help range also? … duct_id=50

Yes, with a caveat. The Dongle can’t power it.
You will either need to power it by USB or some sort of inline Bias-t.

You will need to turn the gain way down. Check out the gain optimization scripts in other posts.
You should try them anyway as they can really help in noisy environments.

This is useful if you have long or lossy coax runs and can put the amp near the antenna.

How high is your antenna(AGL)? Your stats look like it isn’t very high or you are in a valley or something similar.
This is my indoor antenna setup (2nd floor US) with an FA antenna in the corner, 14ft agl (maybe 50AMSL) connected to a mode-S beast and RP2. It has similar range to you. … tats-17065
Edit: I take that back. My system above matches your current (last 3 days) coverage. Before that, your had good coverage.

I think my prostick is dead its the orange one, do you know if there is a warranty?