Can I change the port/path to use a single 1090 dump file?


Hi, new to this setup stuff and have checked the posts for an answer but didnt find anythng, I am trying to use a single 1090dump file for feeding into FA and FR, apparently it can be done. I cannot see how I can change the port (and/or path) on the FA to 30002 so that it feeds from a single file. At the moment I have both FA and FR running but it does not look like the dongle will see both and will only accept feed into the FA file.

(If there is a quick and easy way to config the FR to read the FA dump then happy with that as an offering!)

I am currently running a Pi Zero with FA and FR with a single dongle.

Thanks in advance


All the work has already been done by @jprochazka
Look at

You get the feeders of your choice and decent stats.

Edit. Joe’s site seems to be down at the moment.


YES, there is a very easy way. Please see item (3) QUICK METHOD below.

The detailed answers are here:

(1) Flightradar24 Forum: How to Feed Data to Multiple Sites - A Brief Guide

(2) This Forum: Bake a Pi, Additional Feeders
Further scroll down to “Post Install configuration/Re-configuration of FR24 feeder

(3) QUICK METHOD (if you don’t want to read above posts):
Type this address in your Browser
http://< IP of PI >:8754/settings.html

On the settings page opened, set the “Receiver” and “Host/IP” to any one of the following two:

Receiver: ModeS Beast(TCP)


Receiver: AVR(TCP)

Hit “Save” button at bottom-right of page, then hit “Restart” button next to it.
Wait for some time, status page will appear. Initially it will show nothing working, but after a minute or two reload it and it will show everything is normal.


Many thanks for the details Jon, just waiting on another pi to arrive and will try and see if I can get something to work. I see I have been sent another option so will try both when I get time.


Thanks for the suggestion, I am waiting on another pi and will test to see what I can get working