Can I associate a new PiAware (to test) then dissociate it?

I built my dad a PiAware for father’s day, but I wanted to associate it with his account, not mine, however, to ensure it works properly, I wanted to first associate it with my account to test it before handing it over to him.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but can I associate a PiAware with my acct and then dissociate it and re-connect it using his account?


Set it up using your father’s account?

Edit to add: This wouldn’t be an issue if FlightAware used a “sharing code” or key, like the other operations. Tying the account to the Pi’s ethernet address will always cause problems.

This would be the logical thing to do, but it’s supposed to be a surprise…

Perhaps one of the staff can help you by either dis-associating it after you’ve set it up, or by adding it to your Father’s account without his knowledge.

One way to test a new setup – don’t run the full PiAware system on the new box, but run the dump1090 (or dump1090-mutability) portion collecting and decoding data from your antenna and SDR.

Then use a NC script to send the data from your new box to your main one, which runs both dump1090 and FlightAware. This is really easy if both boxes are on the same LAN. The combined data gets reported to FlightAware. You can look at the web page for the new box directly, and can look at the web page for your old box or at your FlightAware web page for the combined stats.

I do this at home to combine results from multiple Pis with different antennas and RF chains.

I’m currently doing it feeding in data from an experimental remote (that’s a little more difficult, but works a treat).


Just request a change once you need it, or associate the Pi with his account initially. There is no automated process currently.

Where do we request changes like this? I just tried the chat and they suggested a post in here. Rather than a public post, is there a method via email, PM or the like?

I’ve got one to change…



Maybe it’s time for a sticky, like the ‘delete photos’ post, but specific for ADS-B stuff, here in this forum.

Seriously - could someone think about enabling us to have a code [may be optional] to use for the separate our receivers, maybe logon code - #nnn (where nnn is a 3 digit station number for the user), then when we update the kit under the antenna the stats for that station don’t get lost.

We put the code into Piaware as a parameter, stats switches over to the code after 30 days (or something)

Just post the link/request here and we’ll be happy to take care of it for you.

To the extent that you can change a receiver and continue calling it the same receiver, the stats lose a lot of their usefulness. We even find it confusing when doing testing between versions that the MAC stays the same between reinstalls.

One of the main reasons that people want to retain their receiver ID is for the streak. We have a new streak system coming soon that will do receiver-specific streaks as well as user-specific streaks, which combines the streaks of all your receivers, allowing you to replace receivers and maintain your streak.

Can you associate receiver b8:27:eb:42:09:c7 (site 10378) with user exfed2002. It’s currently under my username.




Many thanks.


i dropped you a pm about changing my mac dbaker. i’ll probably drop the old one at a relative’s house in taiwan without mlat.

Is the goal to keep the streak? IF so we’ll have that working across all your sites soon. It’s a mess to try and change a MAC to a new device.

haha the streak is dead anyways, mostly to see the overall stats comparison between the old pi and the new one in case the site drops the old information after not being seen for a while.