Can FlightXML work with Apache Axis C++?



I want to interface FlightXML live traffic into a C++ simulation running on a linux machine and I am trying to figure out how best to get the live data into my program. Apache Axis has a C++ installation available that will allow me to directly access web services from my C++ program, but in the FlightXML example page I only see Axis example code for Java. Should I take this to mean that the server side will only support Axis from java clients, or can I use a C++ client-side version of Axis to speak to the FlightXML server. (My system administrator does not want to install Apache Axis C++ unless I know it will work, so I can’t simply try it.)

Alternatively, I can write a java-based client and pass the data to the C++ program through some IPC, but that would not be as user-friendly for folks running the simulation. Any other ideas on options if the C++ Axis product is not supported?

This will be really cool if I can get it running. This is a simulation at NASA Langley used for NextGen research, and we will be the first ones here at our NASA center (maybe any NASA center) to allow pilots to fly in simulators with live traffic around them.



I’m not aware of anyone developing FlightXML apps in C++ nor have we attempted to try it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work.

However, I’m not sure how active Apache Axis C++ is anymore, since the links on its download page do not work and none of the mirrors seem to have that directory:


I would probably recommend that you instead look at using the REST/JSON interface to FlightXML. You can use libcurl for http network operations, and JsonCpp for parsing the JSON responses.