Can collectd use dump1090-fa to collect stats? If so, how


My site … stats-2394
has been running the last couple of years with dump1090-mutability, piaware, and ppup1090 to feed planeplotter.
Thanks to judicious use of cmdline.txt it was migrated from a pi B to pi B+. With the increased use of MLAT services, the B+ is maxing cpu.
I have replaced it with a p3 running jessie, dump1090-fa, piaware, ppup1090.
I have not been able to get collectd to run statistics in order to tune the gain. I tried Joe Prochazka’s adsb-receiver on another pi 3 but the web portal got installed crosswise (one delta ten tango error on my part along the line).
Any suggestions?
Also, does anyone know of resources that would help me understand the underlying processes? My last experience with *nix was before Linus Torvalds was old enough to vote.

How to setup the SDR for maximum and close range? Impossible?

Try to edit /etc/collectd/collectd.conf in the section Plugin Python from localhost/dump1090-fa

<Plugin python>
        ModulePath "/home/pi/adsb-receiver/build/portal/graphs"
        LogTraces true
        Import "dump1090"
        <Module dump1090>
                <Instance localhost>
                        URL "http://localhost/dump1090-fa"